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The development of the wheels are done, and you need a brick, in witch you can move the wheels.

The reinvention of the wheels is made in the year 1962, so the material of the bricks is still Celluloseacetat.

The first wheel-axle-holder are lighter than the following bricks and the form of the brick is not so stable.

The inner rollers are transparency, which you canīt see under the red plate.

achs01.JPG (11047 Byte)

Since 1963 the bricks were made from ABS.

The inner rollers are black.

achs02.JPG (12467 Byte)

Since 1966 you can see the first transparency groundplate with transparency rollers.

achs03.JPG (12385 Byte)

Until 1971 the rollers are also red or black.

achs04.JPG (17733 Byte)  achs05.JPG (16847 Byte)

1971 was the year the brick changes from white into black.

First with black rollers.

achs07.JPG (16530 Byte)

Following parts have red rollers until the nineties.

achs06.JPG (15525 Byte)

The types of wheel-axle-holder are not all. So it existed mixed typeswith two black rollers and a transparency roller.

achs08.JPG (13638 Byte)

Also you see a milky groundplate and red rollers.

achs09.JPG (8481 Byte)


Special types of wheel-axle-holder exist too.

For the railway from 1966 until 1969 you get a double-holder.

rad33.JPG (7891 Byte)

For the steering-cars since 1967 you get a axle-holder with a stick, first in white and until 1971 in black.

rad13.JPG (18478 Byte)

The best construction appears in 1972.

It has a steering wheel and a part with teeths witch steers the brick in the front.

rad14.JPG (17565 Byte)

This part is only offered in three sets:

378 - tractor and trailer; 1972 until 1974

385 - jeep and trailer; 1976 until 1977

814 - tractor with farm machinery; 1975