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trees and bushes

For the arrangement of the traffic-plan, since 1955, you have trees and bushes with a foot witch you canīt fit one a baseplate.

baum1.jpg (7578 Byte) baum2.jpg (10912 Byte) baum3.jpg (15273 Byte) baum4.jpg (14740 Byte)

baum5.jpg (7178 Byte) baum6.jpg (11057 Byte) baum7.jpg (14182 Byte) baum8.jpg (10901 Byte)

The second generation, since 1965, has a round foot with a size of 2x2 studs. The bushes  have a foot with a size of  1x4 studs.

baum9.jpg (6292 Byte) baum10.jpg (6854 Byte) busch1.jpg (8288 Byte)

The third generation appears in 1970. The trees and bushes are glued with green plastic granules. You have got these until 1975.

baum11.jpg (12310 Byte) baum12.jpg (13880 Byte) busch3.jpg (11940 Byte)

In the year 1974 appears very simple stylize trees, which you can get until today.

baum20.jpg (9685 Byte) baum21.jpg (8591 Byte) baum22.jpg (4928 Byte)