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Welcome !!

When I was five years old, I had the first contact with the LEGO-virus and this virus can´t be killed. In the last seven years, I´m searching for vintage modells and this collecting has growing up to the years 1949 to 1979. Until 1979 all instructions have only three numbers. In the first time, I searched for catalogues, because this was the important thing to know which sets were produced by Lego. So I´ve made my first searching list.

Here is my actual searching list.

And now here I´m in front of a show case im my "working-room".

ich.jpg (52645 Byte)

In it are some modells of my childhood and some, which are described in other sides.

For example the blue Pick-Up, the houses with yellow roof and the Constellation.

Here is a litte view of my other sets.

I like the unknown sets from USA, which are offered under the label "Samsonite" .

eisenbahn1.JPG (43539 Byte)

A wooden-ferry belongs also to my collection ( thanks to Jürgen ).

eisenbahn2.JPG (41343 Byte)

The rare "Weetabix"-buildings are here.

Futher railway-buildings you can see on this side.

Visit me at the brickshelf galery, so click here.

Look at my other sides, and if you have any question,

put them here inside.

briefkasten.gif (9817 Byte)

Interested for all german freaks is the  LEGO-forum. Here you get informations, answers of your questions and more.

Very recommended are Kevin Loch´s web-page for old building-instructions.

Best regards from Karl-Heinz

Actual date: 26.03.03